Dissemination, Scientific talks

Synthetic Dimensions at ETH, Zurich

This week we are off to “Synthetic Dimensions for Engineered Systems” at ETH Zurich, organised by Oded Zilberberg (ETH Zürich), Nathan Goldman (ULB) and Iacopo. Looking forward to catching up with many old friends and collaborators, and presenting some of our recent research.


After SynOptic

With the completion of SynOptic, Hannah is moving to the University of Birmingham as a Royal Society University Research Fellow and a Birmingham Fellow. She will be joining the Theoretical Physics sector there and starting a group on topological effects in photonics and quantum optics, building on the research directions of this project.

We’ll continue to post updates here for a little while longer about dissemination and publication activities that result from the project. Do also get in touch if you want to find out more!